Luggage lockers at the Paris-Gare-de-Lyon train station

Published : Modified : 11/04/2024

Your personal belongings and bulky packages, no need to carry them with you, before or after your train trip. Indeed, you have the possibility of leaving them safely and for a low price in a secure storage space. We are referring to the luggage lockers at Gare de Lyon in Paris, located in the heart of the railway facility as well as in its very immediate surroundings.

Leave your belongings in the luggage lockers at the second Paris station

Where exactly are the luggage lockers?

To make life easier for its users, the SNCF has set up luggage lockers not far from the tracks by which trains leave the capital. If you wish to leave your suitcase(s) there for a while, go to level -1, in hall 3. Head towards one of the entrances/exits of "Rue de Bercy", very close to the stairs leading directly facing tracks N and M. The famous luggage lockers at Gare de Lyon are in this case surrounded by the parcel collection service and that of lost and found objects.

Map of luggage lockers in Gare de Lyon

When can you leave your suitcases in the automatic lockers?

These are automatic lockers accessible from Monday to Sunday inclusive, from 6:15 a.m. to 10 p.m. So you have the opportunity to put your belongings there during this period, both during the week and at the weekend.

Types of luggage lockers and their prices

There are storage solutions in three different sizes :

Small locker Medium Locker Large locker
Rate 5.50€ 7.50€ 9.50€
Dimensions H 433 mm, W 347 mm, D 824 mm H 591 mm, W 347 mm, D 824 mm H 908 mm, W 519 mm, D 824 mm

Please note that reservation for locker rental in advance is impossible and that payment by credit card is not available!

The authorized deposit duration

You are free to record your belongings for as long as you wish. That being said, whether you leave them for 2 hours or a whole day, you will pay the same amount. The fixed duration is 24 hours. To use the luggage lockers at this station in Paris for a longer period of time, you must add 5 euros per 24 hours.

Authorized business

In these lockers for rent, you are allowed to store various items. We are thinking of backpacks, suitcases and briefcases which very generally contain clothes, electronic devices, documents or even currencies.

On the other hand, the following items must not be found in the luggage left in these storage areas:

  • Animals
  • Refillable gas cylinders
  • Dangerous products
  • Explosive, flammable or toxic materials
  • Weapons
  • Perishable foods

The disadvantages of classic SNCF lockers

These paid SNCF lockers, although they provide valuable services, are not without their flaws.

  • Personal effects uninsured: you have no recourse if your suitcases and their contents are stolen or damaged
  • A difficult location to find: for users, these lockers are not usually easy to locate in the station
  • A lack of flexibility: it is not self-service, in other words you must pay again as soon as you open your locker to resume business
  • Unguaranteed availability: when demand is high, you have no guarantee of having access to a free compartment
  • No helpline: in the event of a problem on the day of drop-off or collection of your suitcases, you cannot even request help by contacting a hotline
  • A limited-duration rental of storage space: you are required to pay an increase after 3 days (and come and pay it in person) if you need to store your luggage more than 72 consecutive hours

An alternative to luggage storage near Gare de Lyon (bookable online)

Luggage lockers just a stone’s throw from the station

Other temporary storage locations are available at attractive prices.

These are luggage lockers located next to Gare de Lyon, more precisely at 69, rue de Lyon. Easy to access, these storage solutions are obviously perfectly clean.

Locker dimensions

You proceed as you wish as soon as you wish to benefit from a deposit during a given period. Please note that all lockers available for rental are the same size (48 cm x 61 cm x 85 cm). These storage compartments can hold up to 4 cabin suitcases (55 x 35 x 20 cm).

Luggage lockers or SNCF locker : why prefer the CITY-LOCKER solution?

First of all, you avoid the influx of travelers often characteristic of lockers located in the Gare de Lyon. You are given the opportunity to reserve your storage well in advance, guaranteeing you storage space. Our price offer is transparent and you benefit from reduced rates by renting luggage storage for several days. To top it all off, it is a very easy-to-use service, suitable even for audiences who do not frequently use remote booking tools. In addition, we are delighted that SNCF users have discovered our services after having regretfully noted the unavailability of lockers within the Gare de Lyon itself.

Luggage lockers Gare de Lyon

Some opinions on the luggage lockers at Gare de Lyon

Who better than users to testify to the experience of dropping off in these luggage storage spaces? When we look at the reviews left in recent months, we become more aware of the advantages of this type of service, some of which we have not mentioned.

They particularly highlight the accessibility of luggage lockers and praise the secure nature of the service. People point out the plurality of surrounding businesses, allowing them to do their shopping without difficulty. Many testimonies also mention the ease and speed of the service, in doing so they encourage other people arriving at or leaving the station to put their suitcases in these lockers.

To be fully satisfied, it is strongly recommended to reserve these lockers near the Gare de Lyon before going to the address indicated, this is also a recommendation made by CITY -LOCKER itself to one of the users.


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